Happiness Tools & Counseling for Filipino Women


Discover 5 Pinoy Love Languages: 

 Lambing, Haplos, Kiliti, Pasalubong & Bigkas.

If you want to-

  • Learn how Filipino affection can look different from the Western love languages.
  • Be heard by loved ones by using love languages they understand
  • Find more joy in your relationships by understanding your own unique love languages to get the love you deserve.

Includes Case Study + Pinoy Love Language Solution

Have you put your dreams aside or hold back in expressing yourself for the fear of being a burden or shaming those around you?

Overwhelmed by your to-do list? Feeling like you need 27 hours in a day to be a wife, a mother,a  career woman while you attempt to keep the best daughter award? 

Do you notice yourself using self-sacrifice as the currency to get the love you deserve?

What We Do

As a Filipino Woman, you may hold traditional cultural dialogues in your head that clash with the Western cultural norms. Whether you were born in the Islands (Philippines) or not, speak the language with an accent or barely at all, many of us hold true the words spoken by well-intentioned individuals-a.k.a. your parents, lola & lolo who remind you the path they've led & the destination they hope for you to reach.

These dialogues of hope become the stories you live by. Although promising & lovingly set forth, may have created a disconnect inside you. A disconnect you can't seem to pinpoint but shows itself in your daily stresses, in your mundane relationships & a life that sounds good enough to share during family potlucks but truly ISN'T YOURS.

We craft FREE Happiness Tools for Filipino Women & her family so you can find your way back home- to YOURSELF.

How We Can Help


I can help by guiding you rewrite your story through THERAPY/COUSELING.

The life you can only imagine, can be yours. Because what good is a happy ending-story if it's someone else's?

Not Ready for Therapy?

Come enjoy our FREE Happiness Tools Library where we’ve crafted practical tools for the Filipino Women in mind. 

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I’m Roanne, a 1st generation Filipina. I’m a Mama raising my multi-racial family in the States. I’m a  Tagalog/Filipino speaking Licensed Marriage Family Therapist who provides therapy services both in-person (Solano/Napa/Yolo County) & on-line throughout California (if you live in the U.S.) and overseas. This site is dedicated to my Filipino women and her family. 

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Not Ready for Therapy?

Come enjoy our FREE Happiness Tools Library where we’ve crafted practical tools for the Filipino Women in mind.

Some of Our Library Freebies

Relaxation Exercises for Pinoy Kids

One of the ways to raise emotionally healthy kids is to help them self-regulate. These relaxation exercises teach kids the power to find calm within them. It also builds a strong attachment bond with an adult who guides them in this process. Includes actual dialogues for adults to use.

Relaxation Exercises for Adults

The pressure to be so many things to so many people can be overwhelming. These relaxation exercises are quick, with the aim of grounding you to your deeper self so giving to others is not a drag, but a joy.

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