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  • Kamusta! I’m Roanne

    I support Filipino women from binging on self sabotaging patterns to creatively expressing her deep emotional cravings- restored and emotionally nourished. Ube confetti please!

    Are Filipinos Truly Bilingual?

    We speak the same language in our homes,

    BUT express in love languages foreign to each other.

    In this FREE Webinar:

    ✓ Discover the root of cultural gap in our Filipinx home to receive & get the Pinoy Love you deserve.

    ✓ Learn the R-U-L-E-R Method, a culturally-relevant approach to communicating love needs in words & beyond words.

    ✓ Practice using the RULER method with one of the most misunderstood Pinoy Love Language: LAMBING.

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    Tuloy Ka (Come On In!)

    As a self-identified Filipinx| Filipino Woman, you may hold traditional cultural dialogues in your head that clash with the Western cultural norms.

    Whether you were born in the Islands (Philippines) or not, speak the language with an accent or barely at all, many of us hold true the words spoken by well-intentioned adults-a.k.a. your parents, lolos & lolas who remind you the path they’ve led & the destination they hope for you to reach.

    These dialogues of hope become the stories you live by.

    Stories of those before you, have become your present.

    Like wearing a cherished treasure that doesn’t belong to you.

    It can feel heavy at times & it makes sense why you feel-

    easily burdened by your daily to-dos, trapped in a so-so relationship & a good enough life to show for in family potlucks,

    BUT doesn’t feel LIKE yours.

    Imagine following a treasure map only to be led to someone else’s treasure!


    About Me

    1st Generation-Immigrant Filipina. Licensed Psychotherapist Mom of 4.

    I help Filipino women uncover their untold stories, finding your way back home…… to yourself.

    Imagine, recovering a treasure map to find YOU. ahhhhhhhhh! (ube-flavored confetti pleaszze).

    I’m a Tagalog-Speaking Psychotherapist serving California residents on-line ( & overseas) & in-office in Fairfield, Vallejo, Suisun area & nearby counties of Solano, Napa, & Alameda.

    Speak the Pinoy Language of Love
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    "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

    – Maya Angelou –