What TYPE of Filipina Mom Are You?



Life is about making sacrifices, right?

Overwhelmed and ran down by your to-do-list? Feeling like you need 27 hours in a day to a be a mother, a wife, a career woman while you attempt to keep the best daughter award?

Life is about making sacrifices, right? It's the way your parents have raised you and the way you expect to navigate life.

Do you notice yourself saying YES to everyone BUT yourself?

You feel heard but not Listened to?

It doesn't matter how rooted you think you are to your Filipino heritage, or whether you speak the language or not. Your Filipino-ness is not entirely measured on that, contrary to popular, biased belief. But, the truth is, you carry dialogues in your head spoken to you by well-intentioned, loving individuals- may it be your parents, your aunties, an uncle or your dear lola. These days, it blows your mind why your children seem to be hearing out your scoldy monologues but has mastered the art of tuning you out. "Ay naku, hindi ka nakikinig!" ( my goodness, you're not listening) seems to be the prelude to every scratchy chorus you unknowingly belt out.

Self-sacrificial to Joyful Giving

Nope, it's not the volume of your voice that needs fine-tuning here. You noticed it gets louder each time, right? Funny thing is, the more you do it, the more practice you give those around you to ignore your monologues that do contain valuable life lessons. You'll be surprised how listening to & reflecting on old, recurring dialogues in your head can make a difference between an existence full of self-sacrifice and a life filled with joyful giving.

Would you rather share the best parts of yourself or give out left-over pieces of your tired, stressed out self to those you care about? Today is never too late to live the life you've dreamed about.



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Many Filipina Moms living in America (and abroad) hold traditional cultural dialogues in their head that clash with the Western cultural norms. We craft Happiness Tools that elicit insight and self-reflection so that you can confidently decide what values to keep and what to leave behind, living your best life, away from Home.

Our Vision is that you-

  • Find joy in parenting with a focus on building lasting memories OVER surviving tantrums, laundry, and caffeine overdose.
  • Find yourself in a satisfying love affair with your spouse/partner OVER treating each other as mere business partners with your HOUSEHOLD as your business locale.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror with confidence and silently tell yourself, " I am exactly where I need to be."
  • Conquer the world with your creativity, carving a legacy for yourself, or your children if not for the rest of the world.

Roanne is a 1st generation Filipina. She is a Tagalog Speaking Licensed Psychotherapist/ Counselor in California.

She specializes in helping Filipina Women, Young Adults, Moms and their Partner with-

  • Parenting Challenges with the focus on supporting the parents to support your child,
  • New Moms on discovering your new parental identity and adjusting to a new baby,
  • Treating Postpartum Depression and Anxiety,
  • Poor/Lack of Self Esteem, Trauma,
  • Intergenerational Conflict within the family,
  • Communication issues in interracial partnership,
  • Perfectionism, Shame, and Social Anxiety
  • Unhealthy Relationships,
  • Pregnancy Loss and Infertility,
  • Premarital Counseling, and
  • Handling stress to attain contentment with Work and Personal Life


What TYPE of Filipina Mom Are You?


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