About Kalamansi Juice

Meet Roanne

Growing up in the Philippines, I’ve always been fascinated with the healing powers of kalamansi. Kalamansi is much smaller in size compared to lemons and more pungent in its sourness. In my hood, we used kalamansi to make juices to curb a sore throat, nurse colds and coughs, eliminate dandruff, as a skin care agent and yes, as a body odor banisher. It’s not unusual to hear that someone rubs their kilikilis (armpits) with this multi-tasking fruit. Kalamansi is also widely used in cooking to marinade anything that used to have legs and I assure you, they make any Bistek (Filipino Beef Steak) come alive.

Kalamansi Juice was born out of love to fill a need to provide Filipinos practical tools to navigate their American lives with more ease through content that focuses on self-discovery and reflection. If you ever experience kalamansi juice on your sugat (wound), now you know why you should never do that again! At times, self-discovery can feel this way; it might sting before it gets better. If you have been walking around with these unquestioned lessons (aka: try, & try, until you die and give & give until you squirt your eyeballs out) from well-intentioned loved ones, take heart. Our mission is to help you appreciate lessons from the past that no longer serve you today by gently & courageously untying cultural and family lessons you have been running with on auto-pilot. Slowly with self-discovery and reflection, you will find that You are in control, finding you. Just like a kalamansi fruit, how much you produce & the quality of the juice you squeeze out are reflections of what you are made of inside. Our hope is that you choose to find yourself and love yourself anyway through all your imperfections.

So, if you’re visiting simply to hang out, enjoy our freebies or to schedule a counseling session with me, take your time, you are always welcome here.