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  • Consumerism in the Therapy Room: The Obsession for More Tools

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    This is a part of a video series on youtube called Ask This Filipina Therapist. If you prefer to watch, click here.

    Consumerism is the process of acquiring goods and services. You and I all partake in this,  no matter how minimalist you claim to be. However, in this post, I will speak about consumerism as a way to control and regulate one’s psychological and physical world and how healers and consumers alike may gravitate towards its pull even in the therapy room.

    It’s  to be expected that many clients who enter therapy or coaching share that their goal is to “gain more tools to manage XYZ.” This is reasonable and fair to asks of your therapist. You should have a tool or a few to pull from in times of overwhelm and dire need.


    The problem with tools is not the tool itself but the inability to stay longer and deep enough in one tool before you move on to the next. Even children these days can’t stand an Ad while they’re watching their favorite show on the tube and impatiently waits for the small box that calls itself-Skip the Ad.

    Do you do the same?

    You are not alone. Our ability to see things through have been detoured to a path of fast and quick solutions. 

    From my perspective as a therapist, just gaining tools without listening to the cry of the body and  the deep recesses of the psyche takes longer and more costly, in the pocket and in your relationships.

    Clients who have been given a sack of tools to use get excited initially for the potential it may bring. Later on, they find themselves exhausted managing all of it plus the original reason they sought therapy for.

    If this is you, the problem may be that you have too many tools. 

    The pull for many therapist to hand a tool can be brought about the expectation of the society for rapid solutions which in turn becomes the client’s expectation. The therapist simply wants you to meet your goal and you, just want to feel better and live life.

    We can both do better.

    Watch my take on this topic on  the youtube series called Ask this Filipina Therapist.


    Learning  tools in therapy is integral because the goal is to have on your way sooner than later, living your life. But, in the modern world where consumerism of  having more means acquiring more tools, it can deceptive to believe that healing is simply about how many tools you have and your ability to manage all of it.

    Remember that you are not a case to manage.

    Therapy with an experienced therapist who integrates wholistic care-mind, body and soul can enlighten you that the tool you’ve been searching for has been with you all along.

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