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  • Couples Coaching

    Does it feel like you’re living with a stranger or rooming with a roommate? Are your conversations comprised of silent treatments or ones that eventually turn into arguments? When pleasurable chit-chats of fantasizing about the future or sharing inside jokes that only your partner can fully dig TURNS into communication breakdown, this can leave you feeling hurt. alone & confused.

    Are you thinking?

    “It wasn’t supposed to be this way.”
    “You weren’t like this before. You used to be so…”
    “How can you be so inconsiderate & unappreciative?”
    “I feel like I’m doing all the work in this relationship & I’m always to blame.”

    What you’re feeling is valid but your assessment of the situation may not always be accurate.

    Couples Coaching supports you in learning about you and your partner’s evolving values, dreams & expectations. Knowing these can help you align your reality to what is (the present) to how it had been (the past).

    Coaching encourages the reactivation of compassion and empathy you used to have for your partner. Many times, life gets busy with work, kids, routine and many others that gets in the way of couples-care. With your commitment to the coaching process you can find yourself connecting again & gazing more lovingly in your partner’s way.

    Interested in being in a more satisfying romantic relationship?

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