Fil-Am Organizations

Filipino-American Organizations with a Focus on Advocacy, Referral Service, and Wellness Promotion

California Fil-Am Organizations

  1. KAAGAPAY Solano County Filipino Outreach Project – provides community support services and outreach, referral & linkages services, mental wellness promotion events and presentations including support groups. Contact at 707-784-8112 or Contact Person: Roanne de Guia-Samuels
  2. Filipino Mental Health Initiative of San Mateo County- provides community outreach, parent event nights, provider training, development and dissemination of 5,000 community directories, and the inclusion of over 35 agency representatives to be part of an oversight committee to improve the well-being of Filipinos in San Mateo County. Contact at
  3. Santa Clara County ECCAC Filipino Community-provides outreach and education, group support and education, consumer and family support, advocacy and referral services. Contact at (408) 792-3933 or
  4. Filipino Mental Health Initiative San Francisco- strives to reduce stigma, promote awareness, increase access to culturally appropriate wellness services and increase effectiveness of behavioral health services in San Francisco. Contact at 415-348-8042 or
  5. Filipino Family Initiative- an initiative that aims to understand the factors that influence participation of Filipino parents in workshops about Raising kids in the U.S. & bridging cultural gap. Contact at (323) 691-0529 Contact Person: Dr. Joyce Javier
  6. Search to Involve Pilipino Americans, Inc. (SIPA)-provides community services for youth and their families including case management, counseling, financial literacy assistance, after school enrichment programs and business programs. Contact at (213) 382-1819 or
  7. BAYANIHAN Community Center (San Francisco). Resource Center. Contact at (415) 348-8042 or (415) 974-0349.
  8. Filipino Advocates for Justice- provides community organizing, immigrant services, youth leadership and development, worker support and empowerment. Contact at (510) 465-9876/ (510) 487-8552.