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  • On Colonial Mentality: Filipino Momcast Podcast Episode 11

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    In this podcast episode, Mary Ann, Lynne and I talked about colonial mentality and like most of our other episodes, a whole lot of something! This is what happens when you have three Filipino moms each with their own microphone. Yikes in a super galing (awesome) way!

    colonial mentality

    Filipino Momcast episode 11: click the image to listen

    Take a listen as we tackle some of the issues on-

    • Embedded colonialism in Philippine education. I shared how textbooks and historical narratives evolved perceiving Americans as “our heroes,” and usually the Spaniards were viewed as malupit (crude).
    • The different perspectives we all have as diverse Filipino moms in this conversation.
    • How repulsive behaviors such as color-shaming (colorism) may have an adaptable intention through historical and socio-cultural perspectives. This means a behavior that used to have the purpose of reinforcing positive behavior or avoiding punishment was once useful and perhaps even reinforced. But, as these patterns of behaviors have been passed down from generations, the lack of self-awareness on why they were used or no longer need to be used turned these adaptive behaviors into maladaptive ones. 

    Understanding ( different from agreeing) cultural behaviors, such as “body-shaming,” and colorism and their historical intention paves the way to transforming and advocating for change  from a more compassionate stance. This can make all the difference. Check out these related posts-

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    Happy Listening and please don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast or even cooler, leave us a voice mail here. We would live to hear what topics speak to you.

    Here’s the link again to Episode 11: On Colonial Mentality

    Sa uulitin (til next time),


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