On-Line Therapy & Counseling For Filipino Women: Is it Effective?

On-line Counseling is speaking with your therapist via your tablet, phone, laptop and working on your goals, for example, to feel better, so that you don’t have to grab your purse & your car keys just to get the help you need.  I am a believer that you shouldn’t wait to feel better. Feeling better […]

Finding Your Story: Healing Filipino Inter-generational Trauma

We hear this psycho babble a lot in social proof platforms & in esteemed journals in a mission to increase your Pinay self-awareness, encourage that you pave your own path different from the ones paved for you by refuting the cycle of ……inter-generational trauma.   Inter-generational trauma is defined as experiencing or witnessing a devastating […]

Filipino Women in Interracial Relationship: 7 Things to Consider Before Saying I-Do

​ Among Asian Women, Filipino Women have one of the highest interracial relationships/marriages.  Is it easier to be married to someone your own kind  or does difference in the Ethnic background takes more effort to make it a satisfying one? In this post, we delve on important topics of conversation relevant before you say, “I […]

Barkada versus The Therapist: Is a Therapist Better than Seeing a Trusted Friend?

Barkada is a term used in the Philippines to describe a social circle of people, 3 or more that are bound by friendship.   Is it possible to find solace, comfort and healing solely from a barkada rather than seeking out a therapist?   As an immigrant, I, too, had been accustomed to this practice […]

When Self-Care Means Others-Care: How to Reconcile Both in Our Modern World

  Why do women, particularly Filipino women have a hard time with the concept of self-care? We all know this stuff sounds and looks good. Instagram and Facebook posts are all over it from pedicured toenails to yoga poses that look painfully cute to strike.   How self-care looks vary from one person to the […]

3 More Pinoy Love Languages: The Sequel

  This is a sequel from my FREE Ebook called 5 Pinoy Love Languages. Same Language, Different Meanings   The Filipino Language is as beautiful as it is complex. Within its beauty, embeds a language that contain nuances and unspoken messages that is a true feat to both novice and the trained Filipino eye to […]