Barkada versus The Therapist: Is a Therapist Better than Seeing a Trusted Friend?

Barkada is a term used in the Philippines to describe a social circle of people, 3 or more that are bound by friendship.   Is it possible to find solace, comfort and healing solely from a barkada rather than seeking out a therapist?   As an immigrant, I, too, had been accustomed to this practice […]

When Self-Care Means Others-Care: How to Reconcile Both in Our Modern World

  Why do women, particularly Filipino women have a hard time with the concept of self-care? We all know this stuff sounds and looks good. Instagram and Facebook posts are all over it from pedicured toenails to yoga poses that look painfully cute to strike.   How self-care looks vary from one person to the […]

3 More Pinoy Love Languages: The Sequel

  This is a sequel from my FREE Ebook called 5 Pinoy Love Languages. Same Language, Different Meanings   The Filipino Language is as beautiful as it is complex. Within its beauty, embeds a language that contain nuances and unspoken messages that is a true feat to both novice and the trained Filipino eye to […]