Hypnotherapy for Filipino Women: Is it Effective?

Afraid that your therapist will make you quack like a duck?  Hypnotherapy is using the tool of altered deep state of relaxation, called Hypnosis into a therapeutic process to achieve healing, clarity & deep insight not easily achieved in the traditional single-approach like talk therapy.  Why hypnotherapy with Filipino women you may ask? Let me […]

Mama Care IV: Time Blocking to Get More Time By Doing Less

this is the fourth part of the series-Mama Care. If you missed the last one ( Saying Yes to Our Children to Elicit Cooperation), click here. Your alarm goes off & even before you can take the first step, your mind zooms its way to the third or fourth thing you hope to get done […]

Mom Care I: How to Set-Up a Routine for the Filipino Mom

  In today’s fast-paced, Industrialized world where you get confused about what you need to do today to what actually happened yesterday, having a routine can be a head-space saver. I couldn’t imagine waking up without some sort of a plan. As they say, if you don’t have a plan, you become a part of […]