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  • Individual Therapy

    Starting therapy can be a very scary experience as any new experience can be. But what makes seeking therapy a bit more nerve-wracking is the stigma attached to it. In the Filipino culture, speaking to someone outside the family circle can be seen as a violation of family loyalty. Many times, the expectation to be resilient connotes that the strong do not ask for help.

    I assure you that therapy is a safe place for you to come as you are. In many cases, your loved ones who may be critical of your help-seeking choice will later appreciate the positive change in you.

    In reality, seeking therapy because of the stigma attached to it & the possible negative reactions you may get (in the beginning ) is reserved to the brave.

    Individual Therapy is a one-on-one therapy service with you. If you live within Solano County or a nearby location, you have the option to meet with me face-to-face, or on-line via E-therapy or Email Chat. All services start with an INTAKE session.

    FEE      50 minute session is $ 110

    60-90 minute session is $ 125



    All SERVICES start with the INTAKE process. This is the first session where we get to know each other and I gather pertinent information about you that would be pivotal to our work together. We will also go through paperwork so you’ll be well-informed about your care and about me.  During the intake process, we evaluate your situation together so that I can make the most appropriate plan for your care & you can feel better the soonest possible.

    This session takes approximately 60-90 minutes.

    FEE is $ 130