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  • Kultura Cards

    47 Metaphorical Cards + Booklet that were inspired by the Filipino culture. Metaphorical cards can be used for intuitive guidance, journaling, strengthening your cultural identity, & inner child healing. Use solo, in groups, with couples in teaching, therapy, and/or coaching.

    Is this You-

    • You’ve tried talk therapy but it didn’t go deep enough to tap into messages of your unconscious (soul)
    • You’re looking for a practice to hone your intuition because you believe you are your own healer
    • You want a regular practice to tend to your inner child, a place to escape in dream, nurture and tend to your inner world
    • You want a tool for guidance, and/or to connect to your cultural roots
    • You want to learn how to use images in your practice as a healer/therapist/coach

    The Power of Images

    What are Kultura Cards?

    Kultura cards fall under the category of projective images.

    The use of images and metaphors can be traced back in ancient times. The first forms of writing like the cuneiform and the hieroglyphics were not with words but with images.Your emotions especially strong ones are anchored in images.

    Kultura cards were inspired by the Filipino culture and its many narratives but can be weave into many other cultures.

    The story of each card lies not with the facilitator but to the person projecting their internal stories of the world through images. In this regard, no one card  is the same and each thread formed in one or more pictures always tell a unique story.

    What Can the Kultura Cards Do For Me?

    With Practice-

    • Hone your intuition which is the ability to listen to your own voice and rhythm
    • Solicit stories from your unconscious hidden from your immediate knowledge
    • Feel connected with your cultural roots using images as thread through which your own unique & collective story meet in a canvas
    • With further guidance & training, use as a tool to guide others in your practice: for inner child/ shadow work, rapport building, group processing, working with couples and more.

    How Do I Use Them?

    The most important part of using your Kultura cards are playfulness and curiosity.

    Once you begin to see the images one way, practice seeing it the other way by stepping into the story and seeing what else is there that wasn’t there before.

    Kultura cards can be used solo, with a partner, or with groups.

    Your card includes a booklet which includes a few recommendations on how to get started.

    You can also view the videos below.

    Solo Use

    Here is a video on how you can use your Kultura Cards in your own practice.


    Printed in the U.S.A.

    The Crew (my kids) Giving Life to each Kultura Card

    Images allow you to access stories tucked away for your safety & protection.

    Your Instructor

    Well-Fed but Emotionally Hungry?

    Your unresolved cravings to be accepted as who you are can run amok in self-sabotaging patterns within yourself and in your relationships.

    I’m Roanne, licensed Psychotherapist. I support Filipinx/o in creatively expressing deep-seated hurts of your past so that you can finally return back home to yourself-restored & emotionally nourished. ahhh…(ube confetti please)!
    It’s my heart’s pleasure to work with self-identified Filipinx, & couples from diverse cultural backgrounds.

    What You Will Get

    The Kultura Cards includes 47 cards + a booklet.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How would I know how to use these cards?

    The best tool to learning to use your Kultura Cards is your intuition. For starter, your booklet will include a QR code that is linked to video ideas on how to use them.

    Do you provide trainings for coaches/facilitators/therapist on to use them in my practice?

    This is a project I’m currently working on. Stay tuned.

    What is your return policy?

    You can return your purchase within 30 days from date of purchase. You will be responsible for paying the shipment back to us. Returned items should be intact( bag and card deck is sealed in plastic).