Online Counseling

I use the terms Psychotherapist and Counselor interchangeably. Likewise, with the terms Therapy and Counseling.

How It Works

Imagine, sitting in your comfy chair at home while you speak to your Psychotherapist with ease and without the need to commute, worry about where to park, while hoping that your outfit looks better than what you feel inside. This is what On-Line Counseling offers, you interface with Psychotherapist via your computer, tablet or phone and you simply COME AS YOU ARE.



  1. NOBODY NEEDS TO KNOW. YOUR PRIVACY IS YOURS TO KEEP. If you’re like most people, you worry about how others will perceive you once you walk into the Counseling office. With On-Line Counseling, it’s simply a relationship between you and your therapist. Nobody needs to know unless you feel compelled to share.
  2. SAVES ON COST. No gas, no parking and other fees you accrue the moment you leave the comforts of your home. In the long run, it can save you $$$ and time.
  3. AFTER HOURS AVAILABLE. Kids, work, gym schedules, medical appointments all have to be lumped into your daily schedule operation. To add Counseling to your tasks, seem more stressful than helpful. With On-Line Counseling, you have more options to choose from so that it doesn’t seem like a task but a luxury you deserve. Self-healing, personal growth, and boosting your esteem are all worth your while.


My Unique Practice

I value the use of stories and metaphors in fostering movement towards healing, self-discovery and recovery. In our biz, we call this Narrative Therapy. Having worked with people of diverse-cultural backgrounds, I value the use pf communication in verbal exchanges but believe that other expressive forms of healing can be equally powerful. Meaning incorporating music, art, meditation, journaling and even therapeutic play has its place. In our biz, this is a combination of using Expressive Arts Therapy and Mindfulness Techniques. I believe that counseling is a collaborative process and that one of my roles is to help you see hidden parts of yourself. You can expect that I expect you to continue your self-work in between our sessions. I use an app software (you don’t have to be techy & you can choose not to use it) where I can send you homework, audio meditations, journaling prompts and secure messages so you can receive care and support without having to wait for our next session. My hope is not to keep clients with me for extended periods of time unless this is your desire. I believe in doing the work, intentional and purposeful so you can be on your way, sooner than later.

How to Get Started

Since I want to make sure I provide quality care to you while practicing what I preach (self-care & more play than work J), I only accept limited number of clients at a time. To ensure that I am a good match to your needs and goals for healing and personal development, kindly complete the inquiry form below.

If accepted, you will get an email directly from me with the following instructions to

  1. Download the zoom app to start our on-line conversation. Zoom is a software that is HIPAA compliant and protects your confidentiality with utmost care. You don’t have to be techy to figure this out-I promise! You simply open the link, create an account which takes less than 7 minutes and once you have the app, you simply click away.
  2. Schedule your free 20-minute consultation where we can meet personally on the web. This is a great time for you to get a feel of what on-line counseling looks like. Additionally, you can test out your internet connectivity, and ask me general questions about the process.
  3. After our free 20-minute consultation, and if you feel I am the right psychotherapist for you, you will receive a secured-HIPAA compliant intake form. You will need to complete this form before our 1st session begins. This takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.
  4. Using your zoom app, you simply choose your next counseling date with me and I will meet you there!


If I feel we are not a good match

  1. You will receive an email from me with resources and recommendations that you might find helpful to your situation.


Fees and Payments

I currently do not accept any forms of insurance.

When you log on to your zoom app, you will have payment options available to you. You can either pay with your credit card or use pay pal before your session begins.

50 minutes On-line Counseling is $ 90

30 minutes On-line Counseling is $ 60