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  • Re-Told 1:1 Coaching

    If you sense that you are functioning adequately in most areas of your life but find yourself stuck in one or two domains, for example, in your relationships or find yourself sabotaging your success, have remnants of unprocessed trauma, Re-told coaching may be a good fit for you.

    Re-Told is about finding your purpose, your meaning, and discovering stumbling blocks that are keeping you from yourself – the real one.

    Many times, stories passed on, reveled at and honored with intense emotions become the story you live by. Frightened to show up as who you are is like pushing a balloon down the bottom of the water, it takes a lot of force. Being you shouldn’t feel this way.

    Re-telling your story is pivoting force to your inner power to escape this forceful hand that’s keeping you at the bottom.

    This hand that used to be someone else’s-

    Have become-


    Internalized stories that hold down your true self become facades of shame, guilt, fear and even anger.

    Re-told Coaching is finding new meanings to old stories, updating your current story so that you can find your way back to yourself.

    Home at last!

    Coaching is not for someone who has a diagnosable mental health condition. It does not take the place of therapy.

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