On-Line Counseling / Email Chat

This is you & I meeting on-line on a designated schedule for therapy via a secure platform to chat or meet each other virtually. This service can either be an Individual Therapy or Couples Counseling.

Fee for 30 minutes is $ 60

Fee for 50 minute Individual Therapy is $ 110

For Couples $ 120

All E-therapy starts with the Intake process. See Intake/Initial session details above. E-therapy means therapy/counseling distant from your therapist through an electronic platform. I use a HIPAA secure platform which is a virtual hub that protects your security & information on-line.



All SERVICES start with the INTAKE process. This is the first session where we get to know each other and I gather pertinent information about you that would be pivotal to our work together. We will also go through paperwork so you’ll be well-informed about your care and about me.  During the intake process, we evaluate your situation together so that I can make the most appropriate plan for your care & you can feel better the soonest possible. 

This session takes approximately 60-90 minutes.

FEE is $ 130