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  • Story Therapy

    One of the most frustrating aspect of being in therapy is that there seems to be no end in sight with how long you should be in therapy. Unless, you simply prefer to be in therapy as part of self-care or as a booster session, therapy with Roanne is short-term. Ofcourse, it will be a case-to-case basis, your healing should not feel hurried but effective & sustainable.

    Therapy or coaching that heavily rely only on spoken language can miss many opportunities for pivoting old, outdated stories to uncover up-dated story that serve you.

    Story Therapy understands that language is both spoken and unspoken and that the silent imprints of the mind shapes our meanings of the world.

    Simply adding fertilizer to the soil can give it temporary benefits like cutting off weeds leaving its roots. Without completely addressing the roots, you can expect for weeds to soon sprout in visibility.

    Roanne incorporates the use of research-based hypnotherapy as a tool to pull out those weeds of trauma and/or negative imprints.
    Story Therapy is a framework that is tailored to every person’s unique need(s). It is not a program where you fit yourself to its modules, rather it is framework that weaves into your unique story-writing personality.

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