Barkada versus The Therapist: Is a Therapist Better than Seeing a Trusted Friend?

Barkada is a term used in the Philippines to describe a social circle of people, 3 or more that are bound by friendship.   Is it possible to find solace, comfort and healing solely from a barkada rather than seeking out a therapist?   As an immigrant, I, too, had been accustomed to this practice […]

Filipinos on Parenting Part I: Sibling Unrivalry: Are You Fostering Harmful Competition in Your Children?

  Have you heard these questions/phrases in your home? Bakit di mo gayahin ang kuya/ate mo…( why can’t you be like your sister or brother..) ? Sinong mas maganda si sister 1 o si sister 2 ( Whose prettier this sister or that..)? Sinong mas love mo, si mommy o si daddy(who do you love […]

7 Tips on Raising Bilingual-Filipino Speaking Children: Even If You Don’t Speak the Language

I often hear Filipino-Americans apologizing that they don’t speak the language. What strikes me more is the sound of dismay in their voices, expressing further that if they had the choice they would’ve submerged themselves in the language, they now struggle so much with it. But, I guess if you knew how to change your […]