Finding Your Story: Healing Filipino Inter-generational Trauma

We hear this psycho babble a lot in social proof platforms & in esteemed journals in a mission to increase your Pinay self-awareness, encourage that you pave your own path different from the ones paved for you by refuting the cycle of ……inter-generational trauma.   Inter-generational trauma is defined as experiencing or witnessing a devastating […]

9 Filipino Misconceptions About Therapy & Counseling

You don’t have to lift a finger to invite Filipinos in social gatherings. Fiestas, birthdays, bingo nights, casinos and a baby’s you- don’t- even- know -the -name baptism are filled with Filipinos looking for an excuse to celebrate. But, try gatherings that elicit conversations around parenting or mental health, and there you would find empty […]

When Self-Care Means Others-Care: How to Reconcile Both in Our Modern World

  Why do women, particularly Filipino women have a hard time with the concept of self-care? We all know this stuff sounds and looks good. Instagram and Facebook posts are all over it from pedicured toenails to yoga poses that look painfully cute to strike.   How self-care looks vary from one person to the […]

Filipinos in Counseling: Sino Ang Tunay na Baliw ( Who’s the crazy one)?

  Baliw is a Filipino word that means “crazy,” insane, deluded, maniac and some other words that basically mean sick in the head. It’s one word that you don’t want used to describe you. In the islands, if you’re a jokester (maloko) and are pretty successful with making other people laugh, you might hear them […]

Smiling Depression and Filipino Americans: Can Our Smiles Take our Pain Away?

Filipinos are known for their tenacity and their ability to find their smile amidst their pain. According to Jetpac, a social travel app guide, the Philippines ranked as the 8th smiliest country in the world. Philippines was the only Asian country that made it to the top ten according to this list. Having been raised […]