Mama Care IV: Time Blocking to Get More Time By Doing Less

this is the fourth part of the series-Mama Care. If you missed the last one ( Saying Yes to Our Children to Elicit Cooperation), click here. Your alarm goes off & even before you can take the first step, your mind zooms its way to the third or fourth thing you hope to get done […]

Mama Care III: Saying Yes to Our Children to Elicit Cooperation

I know that you probably raised an eyebrow reading the title of this post. Wouldn’t saying yes to your kids raise matigas na ulo (hard-headed), spoiled kids? But, I’m the boss of this household and my say is the one that stands, you might add. If you hear yourself constantly reminding your kids that they’re […]

Mama Care II: How to Teach Kids Quiet Time & Healthy Personal Space

What is Quiet Time & Why Teach It? Do you ever get time to sit quietly and just listen to the voice inside you? These days, we call checking our social media accounts during our break time at work or at home as “quiet time.” I’m guilty of this too, mama- there are times when […]

Mom Care I: How to Set-Up a Routine for the Filipino Mom

  In today’s fast-paced, Industrialized world where you get confused about what you need to do today to what actually happened yesterday, having a routine can be a head-space saver. I couldn’t imagine waking up without some sort of a plan. As they say, if you don’t have a plan, you become a part of […]

Filipino Parenting: 4 Tips to Effectively Teach Children How to Share

    There are some core values in the Filipino household that remains unchanged whether your family migrated in the U.S., in Europe or continues to live in the islands- It’s the expectation to be generous to others. Sharing is caring mindset. Another, to see someone else almost like a reflection of you.   I […]

Filipinos on Parenting Part I: Sibling Unrivalry: Are You Fostering Harmful Competition in Your Children?

  Have you heard these questions/phrases in your home? Bakit di mo gayahin ang kuya/ate mo…( why can’t you be like your sister or brother..) ? Sinong mas maganda si sister 1 o si sister 2 ( Whose prettier this sister or that..)? Sinong mas love mo, si mommy o si daddy(who do you love […]

7 Tips on Raising Bilingual-Filipino Speaking Children: Even If You Don’t Speak the Language

I often hear Filipino-Americans apologizing that they don’t speak the language. What strikes me more is the sound of dismay in their voices, expressing further that if they had the choice they would’ve submerged themselves in the language, they now struggle so much with it. But, I guess if you knew how to change your […]