Healing Stories: The Power of Stories to Heal

Can healing stories  be a tool to your healing? Carefully crafted healing stories are not your ordinary story. Fairy tales are laden with the moral story of good and bad. Legends & Myths offer explanations to the aching curiosity human beings have. Healing stories speak to the part of the brain, we call the unconscious […]

Nervousness or Anxiety: A Mental Health Guide for Filipino Women

Do you often find yourself self-predicting an accident, a clumsy move on the horizon in which both pictures include a common denominator- YOU.  Whether it’s slipping on the floor or slipping with your words, you have little confidence that the word graceful is one that describes you.   In the Filipino culture ( & in […]

5 Pinoy Mind-Set Blocks That’s Keeping You From Your Riches

    Have you been told- Money doesn’t grow on trees? If you ever visit the Islands, what of the things you’ll notice is that every electric post and every kanto (corner) has billboards large and small. The bigger billboards  usually with artista (celebrity) faces are for legit businesses trying to catch their customer’s eye. […]

Mama Care III: Saying Yes to Our Children to Elicit Cooperation

I know that you probably raised an eyebrow reading the title of this post. Wouldn’t saying yes to your kids raise matigas na ulo (hard-headed), spoiled kids? But, I’m the boss of this household and my say is the one that stands, you might add. If you hear yourself constantly reminding your kids that they’re […]

Mama Care II: How to Teach Kids Quiet Time & Healthy Personal Space

What is Quiet Time & Why Teach It? Do you ever get time to sit quietly and just listen to the voice inside you? These days, we call checking our social media accounts during our break time at work or at home as “quiet time.” I’m guilty of this too, mama- there are times when […]

9 Filipino Misconceptions About Therapy & Counseling

You don’t have to lift a finger to invite Filipinos in social gatherings. Fiestas, birthdays, bingo nights, casinos and a baby’s you- don’t- even- know -the -name baptism are filled with Filipinos looking for an excuse to celebrate. But, try gatherings that elicit conversations around parenting or mental health, and there you would find empty […]

Filipino Mom: The Keeper of their Children’s Hearts

All moms rule the world. They is no species better equipped to carry a baby with one-eye closed from drunken lack of sleep while still using a hand to make milk bottle whether from formula or otherwise. How babies’ vision can see the exact distance  length of mamas holding them in their arms just a […]

3 More Pinoy Love Languages: The Sequel

  This is a sequel from my FREE Ebook called 5 Pinoy Love Languages. Same Language, Different Meanings   The Filipino Language is as beautiful as it is complex. Within its beauty, embeds a language that contain nuances and unspoken messages that is a true feat to both novice and the trained Filipino eye to […]

Filipinos on Affection and Heart-break: Can Broken-Heartedness Lead to Depression?

  Filipinos Deep Love for Love   In America,we have a tendency to clump all Asians together in our so-called cultural competence conversations. We are stereotyped or we stereotype each other as if we all salivate for the same kind of noodles (chowmein and pancit are siblings but not twins) or as if withholding rice […]

When You’ve Loved Deeply and Lost: 10 Ways to Heal the Pinoy/Filipino Heart

All Hearts Get Broken There is no said criteria or minimum qualifications you need to possess to have gone through a broken heart, a loss, or some kind of deep disappointment that rocks your world. If you’re human ( I guess that’s the only qualification), you’ve experienced this feeling. The feeling of being stabbed in […]