Filipinos in Counseling: Sino Ang Tunay na Baliw ( Who’s the crazy one)?

  Baliw is a Filipino word that means “crazy,” insane, deluded, maniac and some other words that basically mean sick in the head. It’s one word that you don’t want used to describe you. In the islands, if you’re a jokester (maloko) and are pretty successful with making other people laugh, you might hear them […]

Lost and Found: Losing Our Language Identity, Forgiving Our Parents and Finding Our Way Back

Everyone in your family claims that they speak or at least can converse in English, right? No question, we’re the proud, brown bi-lingual, island people from Asia and our people and country have surely capitalized on this gift.  Philippines has been coined as the Capital of Call Centers in the World and many businesses in […]

Filipinas in Interracial Marriages: 11 Ways To Know You’re Married To One

Filipinos Americans are more likely than other Asian-American groups to marry outside their race. You’ve heard some people say, “some of ‘ ma friends are Black/ Mexicans,” when trying to defend their spirit of inclusivity (ability to include others even in the outside group). For many families, having their children hang-out with the “outside group,” […]

A Filipina Mom’s Mini-Survival Guide to a Stress-Free Holiday

No scientific journal needs to prove that the Philippines has the longest (and the grandest) Christmas celebration in the world. If you’re Filipino, you just know that when the month of August ends, you unexplainably get fidgety either to spend more money or make some more to gear up for the Holidays. For us Filipinos […]

Part II: Sibling Unrivalry- How to Undo Harmful Competition In Our Children

This is Part II of this series, you can read Part I here. So What? Why is it important to unrival our kids as early possible? If you want your children to:   Grow up confident in their own intrinsic skills,   Know and embrace their uniqueness rather than chasing success by smashing someone else […]

Filipinos on Parenting Part I: Sibling Unrivalry: Are You Fostering Harmful Competition in Your Children?

  Have you heard these questions/phrases in your home? Bakit di mo gayahin ang kuya/ate mo…( why can’t you be like your sister or brother..) ? Sinong mas maganda si sister 1 o si sister 2 ( Whose prettier this sister or that..)? Sinong mas love mo, si mommy o si daddy(who do you love […]

Ano Raw (What was that)?-Filipino Island Talk  in America

  I arrived in the States permanently at the age 23. I say permanently because when I was 12, I attended school here but moved back in the islands ‘til I finished College. I thought I knew English and need no adjustment with culture and the American way of life. I thought wrong… I had […]

Accelerate Your Happiness Health Through the Art of Slowing Down

How many times have you checked your email, your face book, twitter account or your mobile texts in the last 2-3 hours? Are you focused on the task at hand or simply focus to get things done so you can mark it complete and get on to the next one? In conversations, are you engaged […]

7 Tips on Raising Bilingual-Filipino Speaking Children: Even If You Don’t Speak the Language

I often hear Filipino-Americans apologizing that they don’t speak the language. What strikes me more is the sound of dismay in their voices, expressing further that if they had the choice they would’ve submerged themselves in the language, they now struggle so much with it. But, I guess if you knew how to change your […]

Baon: Adobo with Rice vs PB Sandwich – The Struggle of Filipino Americans to Consume Both

  So, the recess bell rings, you hop out of your chair, looking forward to just messing with your high school friends who were all looking down to check on their FB and Instagram likes and posts. You all head to your gymnasium cafeteria spotting a table. Everyone except you was excited to unwrap their […]