7 Tips on Raising Bilingual-Filipino Speaking Children: Even If You Don’t Speak the Language

I often hear Filipino-Americans apologizing that they don’t speak the language. What strikes me more is the sound of dismay in their voices, expressing further that if they had the choice they would’ve submerged themselves in the language, they now struggle so much with it. But, I guess if you knew how to change your […]

Baon: Adobo with Rice vs PB Sandwich – The Struggle of Filipino Americans to Consume Both

  So, the recess bell rings, you hop out of your chair, looking forward to just messing with your high school friends who were all looking down to check on their FB and Instagram likes and posts. You all head to your gymnasium cafeteria spotting a table. Everyone except you was excited to unwrap their […]

Exposing Our Hidden Faces: Filipinos/Filipino Americans and Our Tenacity to Weather the Storm

  In 2013 Time Magazine named the Philippines as the most stormed exposed country in the world. An archipelago with 7107 islands will do this to you. Growing up, I have always been fascinated with how Filipinos cope with disasters, be it man-made or natural.  Their tenacity and hopeful spirits are unparalleled. I remember observing […]

Can We Raise Well-Rounded Children Without the Mumo (ghost)?

(Mumo: Tagalog baby-talk for the word “multo” which means ghost). My mom was a hard-working single woman whose early mission in life was to feed her 5 children and send them to the best schools she can possibly afford. To make this possible, we had house-help and in particular, we had our yaya (nanny). Our […]

Two Tales in One Jeepney: The Pinay and The Kano

  Kano is a term that Filipinos in the Philippines use to refer to a White person regardless if they are of American or European descent. This tale was inspired by true events, specifically by Thomas Gregory, a U.K. journalist who was assigned on a short-term editorial mission in the Philippines. Thomas wrote the book, […]

Smiling Depression and Filipino Americans: Can Our Smiles Take our Pain Away?

Filipinos are known for their tenacity and their ability to find their smile amidst their pain. According to Jetpac, a social travel app guide, the Philippines ranked as the 8th smiliest country in the world. Philippines was the only Asian country that made it to the top ten according to this list. Having been raised […]

The Beauty of the Filipino Language

I came across a young Filipino-American teen in my practice who was interested in learning about her Filipino heritage and language. Whether you decide that learning your indigenous language is right for you or not, seeking to simply understand it is part of embracing your heritage, which ultimately means embracing YOU. I answered the inquiry […]

Pregnant and Pinay in America: Giving Birth To My Filipino-American Identity Naturally

  I’m almost 8 months pregnant as I write this post. Pregnancy is a special time for women. In many ways when you’re not, you forget how joyous and gravely tedious it is for your body to nourish and sustain life 24/7. I find pregnant women the most beautiful; they exude life force beyond words […]

My Husband, My Other Child: 7 Ways to Child-Proof Your Marriage

Do you ever feel like a single-mom on most days, where if you snooze, your household would surely fall apart? Now, the interesting part is that you’re not a single-mom and your dear husband works full-time. Truth be told, he brings home the paycheck to cover the rent, put food on the table while the […]

Filipino Parenting: Raising Emotionally Resilient Children

Does being a Filipino parent influences your parenting style? We often hear that Filipinos are resilient, malakas ang loob & endowed with the ability to be like water-filling space whatever container, shape & size it finds itself in. Flexible & transforming ourselves to the call of time whether it’s the frequent typhoon visits, to teachers […]