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  • Ask This Filipina Therapist: Are There Unpleasant Side Effects in Therapy?

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    Are there any unpleasant side effects to the healing you experience in therapy? 

    This video is part of the Ask this Filipina therapist segment on my youtube channel. To watch the video check out Kalamansi Juice TV

    You might think it’s pretty odd for a psychotherapist to expose the process of therapy in this way.

    There is a western perspective on healing that  an individual has the ultimate deciding power over his environment and well-being.


    As part of this western perspective is valid, it fails to consider that despite how much you’d like to  believe that  only you can sail your own boat, the wind, the current of the waves, and  the sea creatures lurking below can influence the rhythm of your sailing.

    When you begin seeing changes with yourself  as part of your therapy journey, you’ll find that the way you sail your boat feels different. The sea water you’ve been accustomed to fuss with, may seem calmer, the fussing, sounds more like a distant murmur.

    The growth you will experience in therapy is realizing that you’re no longer in the middle of the sea being moved by the current in different directions, but someone viewing the sea.

    The unpleasant exchange is that change demands a reorganization of your whole life and relationship system.

    It means different for every person, but for some it may look like:

    • Finally leaving a current job or changing careers
    • Leaving relationships that don’t serve you
    • Contemplating about your marriage/romantic relationship
    • Moving to a different place
    • Seeking therapy for your other relationships (coupleof family counseling)
    • Changing your work schedule
    • Deciding to apply for a promotion or request demotion


    This is not an exhaustible list but common unpleasant exchanges  for healing that is worth your while.It is worthy to note that not everyone will experience these unpleasant exchanges.




    Therapy takes commitment to your own growth and healing. Real therapeutic work is practiced in the therapy room and applied into your own life. Without the application, it’s like reading a ton of How To Sail books but never sailing in the water.

    Therapy for this Filipina therapist involves the mind, the body and your soul, in other words, it’s soul care.

    Do you believe that each person deserves to tend to their soul?

    There’s your answer.

    Sa uulitin (until then).

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