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  • Why Healing Entails Changing Your Imagination

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    Are you running with an old, outdated edition of your story that keeps you safe but limits your life to be the greatest-story-ever-told? 

    These stories that ruminate in your mind, are they stories passed on to you by your parents? Stories of survival by your ancestors or confidantes from yesteryears? Who’s the original author of the story that has become YOUR story?

    You’ve heard before that the most important story is the story you tell yourself, usually they are told in the subconscious. If your consciousness were a garden, the conscious part is the part you can see, the topsoil where things bloom, or weeds manifest. The subconscious is the part of the garden that is hidden, under the topsoil. Whatever happens below the garden manifests in the topsoil. 

    What are you growing in your garden? What’s lurking beneath the surface of your topsoil?

    imagination and healing

    The best stories are the stories that express the fullest you. Culture, family, even your geographical positioning can influence the type of stories you consume. The problem with stories is when you simply become the character in it rather than the creator of your own  saga to be told. When you’re living someone else’s story their truth can become your untruth,liken to fitting a shoe that is well-fitted for someone else. You can walk in it, but goodness, they can be painful, which is a reminder that those shoes don’t belong to you.

    So if you’ve been so conditioned to believe an outdated story about yourself, is it enough to simply change your story?

    I hope that’s all you need to do but years of conditioning manufactures a lens about the world that had you  wearing a shoe that is painfully un-fit for you.

    In this case, it takes more than telling yourself a different story for the stories you live by have formulated your choice of words (language), your relationship to yourself and the world (experience),  and the picture in your imaginal mind (imagination).

     In the video, I shared my Story Therapy framework which uses the acronym, LEI: L for Language, E for experience and I for imagination. This article focuses on transforming your imagination.

    story therapy

    The Power of Your Imagination

     Albert Einstein was quoted to say that imagination is more important than information. Anxiety is using your imagination to catastrophically predict the future. Depression is using your imagination to dream about what could’ve been different in the past. Both utilize your imagination or the imagery in your mind. And, depending on what you allow yourself to see in your mind’s eye, your imagination can affect your mood, the way you interact with others and much of your decision-making.

    Your body can also lead the way in pivoting to a different story. Imagine smiling in the morning upon waking up, taking two minutes to notice your breath and uttering to yourself a personal mantra, for example, “Thank you morning for coming again.”

    Imagine the scenario above versus waking up hurriedly, rushing to the next busy thing to do, running down a checklist on your head and without even saying it, your body acts as if the coming of the morning is a curse. 

    Notice how these two versions of starting your morning play out in your imagination and how differently you may feel about them.

    This is the power of your imagination.

    Your imagination is rooted in the story that your body has kept through years of listening to other people’s stories or crafting your own. If certain songs bring you back to your teenage years, or a particular aroma in the kitchen reminds you of Noche Buena, your imagination which lies in your sensorial (senses) experience is at play.

    Healing modalities that incorporate the use of imagination and not just talking about a story you wish to unsubscribe to is a more efficient way to begin to re-author your own story. In my practice, I use a framework, I call the Story Therapy, which incorporates transforming your story by minding how you use your LEI, language, experience and Imagination. Hypnotherapy which is using your active imagination allows you to dream and dream manifest a life you prefer to create. Learn more about hypnotherapy here.

    The LEI framework is a map where you can enter any entrypoint and still reach your destination. Meaning, once you begin to change your language (how you speak to yourself), you will begin to transform your imagination. It’s also possible that once you begin to explore new experiences that you begin to alter your language, or by dream creating a new version of your life in your imagination, it’s quite probable that you will begin to enter experiences that vibrate more of the story you want to tell yourself.

    The power of transforming your imagination is in you.


    Aligning Your Imagination to Your Desire

    One facet of trauma is that individuals who have experienced it seem to have left parts of their imagination in the past. You may be triggered by a scent, a particular sound, the way someone brushes off unintentionally on your arm that takes your imagination back to somewhere scary, dark or uncertain.

    To align your desire to your imagination, you must first allow yourself to desire something. Some people feel unworthy or not good enough even to just imagine a life beyond the one they have. That’s why simply telling yourself another story is a good start but may not be sufficient. Your imagination, which is part of the subconscious ( what’s beneath the topsoil) needs to have a buy-in to the new story you want to tell yourself. For example, if you have been abused as a child and believe you are unworthy of love, it may be a good start to tell yourself a better story but a deeper reclaiming of your story is to allow your inner child to be witnessed, even get angry if necessary or confront the abusive parent. All these can occur in your imaginal mind with a trained mental health professional or schedule a consult with me here.

    If you want to tend to your inner child and you feel you have the emotional resources or a good support system, you can check out the Inner Child Playground: 30 Days to Restoration for more information.

    In other words, to align your imagination to your desire, locate your desire, be specific on what you desire (how it looks, feels, smells…etc)  and practice envisioning your desire everyday. Ask yourself, who do I want to be today so that I can fulfill my desire? I define desire as the reigniting of the fullest expression of yourself. The person you are and the person you want to continue to create and re-create.

    story therapy

    Final Thoughts

    Your true story has always been with you. The conditioning of family, culture and simply being a human being exposes you to stories that can bring you closer to who you already are or pull you further away from the greatest-story-you-will-ever-tell.

    In my therapy practice, Story Therapy, I believe that transforming your story involves changing your imagination. Your imagination lies in your subconscious mind (hidden parts) which can replay a scary story told or you can begin to dream about a story that brings you to life, a story worth sharing to your descendants and a story looked upon by your ancestors with pride.

    Which story do you wish to tell?

    If interested in consulting with me, use this link for my calendar.


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